What was the Average Price Per Square Foot of Condominiums Sold in 2016 ?

The QFREB has just published an update of the study on average condominium prices per square foot. Factors such as the type of building, the year of construction and the presence of an indoor parking spot were examined. To read the Word From the Economist, click here.

Residential Sales Across Québec Were Up 6% in the 1st quarter of 2017

Despite the mortgage tightening measures in effect since last fall, the year 2017 got off to a good start as residential sales across Québec were up 6 per cent in the first quarter, as compared to the first quarter of last year. In total, 21,494 sales were registered in the real estate brokers’ Centris® provincial collaboration system in the first quarter of 2017, the best first-quarter result in five years. For full details, read the QFREB’s Barometer.

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